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Pastor Laura Aronson

Pastor Laura Aronson

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Laura Aronson was born in Philadelphia, PA, and spent the early part of her childhood in New Jersey. As a teen, her father was transferred to Genoa Italy, where for they lived for the next four years. Laura attended a community school in Genoa, then a boarding school in Rome. After returning to New Jersey, she graduated High School and obtained a two year Associate's degree. A second transfer took the family to the East Bay San Francisco Area, California.

Laura has had many "careers" and jobs, one which moved her on her own to Southern California in the early '80s. She met her husband in 1985, was married in 1988, and they have two boys; one born in 1992 the other in 1995. After the Northridge Earthquake, they high tailed it out of Southern California and landed in Sedona, Arizona, November of 1996.

Laura put down an addiction to alcohol and drugs in 1993 and became a born again Christian in 1995.

After arriving in Sedona and landing at Christ Center Wesleyan Church, she pursued God with a fervor and hunger that still cannot be filled. She started in lay-ministry immediately upon arrival at CCWC (1996), as "Activities Coordinator", the moved on to Women's Bible Study, community Women's Studies, and then into church wide Bible Study. Under the direction of Senior Pastor Frank Robinson, she took the step in 2008 and has since become a Licensed Minister and Assistant Pastor to Christ Center. She has been on staff and serves in various functions and ministries, as that position allows and requires.